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Engrácia de Jesus Dias de Magalhães

Engrácia de Jesus Dias de Magalhães

13 Junho 1953 | 17 Julho 2023

70 years

Funeral Engrácia de Jesus Dias de Magalhães

  • Personal information

    Date of birth: 13-06-1953

    Death date: 17-07-2023

    Marital status: Casada

    Address: Ferreira - Paços de Ferreira

    Naturalness: Nespereira - Lousada

  • Funeral
    18 Julho
    18:00 H

    Religious and Funeral Service

    All date information about the deceased.

    Funeral candle


    Mosteiro de Ferreira


    Starting at 17:30 hours

    Funeral Faith


    Mosteiro de Ferreira


    18:00 hours

    Funeral church

    Seventh Day Mass

    Capela da Sra. da Luz de Ferreira


    18:00 hours

    Funeral Notice

    You can consult all relevant information about the death.

    Engrácia de Jesus Dias de Magalhães

    The winds that sometimes take something that we love are the same that bring something that we learn to love ... So we should not cry for what was taken, but learn to love what has been given. For everything that is really ours is never gone forever.
    Those we love never just die, leave before us.

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